Screening Committee

  • Rabih Chaer, MD - Chair
  • Armen L. Roupenian, MD - Chair Elect
  • (Rabih Chaer, MD) - Past Chair
  • Joseph Caprini, MD
  • Jose Victor Iglesias, MD
  • Sherry Scovell, MD, FACS
  • Joseph Zygmunt, RVT, RPhS
  • Garth Rosenberg, MD, FACS
  • Ruben Felix Vellettaz, MD
  • Ruth Bush, MD – Council Chair (ex officio)


The Screening Committee shall increase public awareness of acute and chronic venous diseases through education, identification, and empowerment.


  • Participate on the Screening conference calls to develop and maintain the various screening programs
  • Develop Online Screening Program
  • Attend the Screening meeting held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting

More about the Screening Program - Screening Kits available!