President's Message

It is with great honor, pride, and privilege that I serve as the 29th President of the American Venous Forum. In our twenty-nine years of history, our society has experienced and will continue to experience significant milestones and changes.  Originally a society of vascular surgeons with interests in venous and lymphatic disease, we have morphed into a society representing the collective intelligence of medical professionals who care for patients and families with venous and lymphatic disease and who promote excellence in practice. 

Our 28th Annual Meeting held in February in Orlando, Florida represented a growth year for the American Venous Forum.    We exceeded our attendance from the year prior with 636 members (representing more than 26 countries), guests, and exhibitors networking and participating in the superlative educational programming and social functions.   In addition, we enjoyed a banner year for the number of new scientific abstracts submitted for presentation.  This year, I am proud to announce the 29th Annual Meeting of the American Venous Forum will take place at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside Hotel February 14-17, 2017.  I extend to you a warm welcome and invitation to join us in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Over the next year and during my tenure as President of the American Venous Forum, the Board of Directors, Councilors, and Committee members will continue to advance the society’s missions and goals as follows:

  1. Scientific/Educational
    1. Increase awareness of AVF and venous disease among health care professionals and patients
    2. Increase research in venous disease
    1. Continue to increase physician and industry attendance at AVF Annual Meetings
    2. Improve the quality of venous care in America through patient education
  1. Financial/Membership
    1. Increase financial reserves through strong partnering with the AVFF
    2. Increase the professional diversity of the AVF membership
  1. Strategic Positioning for the Future
    1. Improve the representation of AVF within JVS-VL
    2. Promote collaborative relationships with like-minded professional associations
  1. Advancing AVF Leadership in Health Policy
    1. Strengthen our visibility and become the expert referral society for venous and lymphatic disease with the FDA, CMS, 3rd party payors, RUC, and MEDCAC
    2. Become the leading organization in writing and/or updating guidelines and evidence summaries
    3. Develop outcome studies from the VQI venous dataset, with a study on the first module in year one and a report on all other modules within three years
    4. Develop reporting standards and evidence summaries
    5. Become the voice for patients’ access to care

The American Venous Forum is a multidisciplinary, international medical society whose members are dedicated to saving and improving lives by reducing venous and lymphatic disease through education, innovative research, and advocacy. As a member or future member in the American Venous Forum, venous practitioners unite to create a distinct and significant voice in all aspects of our specialty.  As most of us realize, our ability to diagnose, deliver, and adopt new procedures for venous health continues to change radically.  In addition, by 2019 the algorithm for reimbursement will be drastically altered.  In this regard, the American Venous Forum is extremely proactive: meeting with CMS, playing an important role in the first Venous Medicare Evidence Development and Coverage Advisory Committee, and challenging venous healthcare policies.

On behalf of the American Venous Forum Board of Directors, we thank you for your efforts in pursuit of completing our strategic initiatives.

Lowell S. Kabnick, MD, RPhS, FACS, FACPh
President, American Venous Forum