BSN-JOBST Research Grant

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AVF Foundation is pleased to announce that the BSN-Jobst Research Grant has been increased to provide a $100,000 grant for original, basic or clinical research in venous or lymphatic disease. The competition is open to residents, fellows in a vascular training program, as well as physicians who have completed their training within the past five (5) years. 

Conrad Jobst dedicated his life and expertise to the development of gradient compression garments to better relieve the symptoms of venous disease. Mr. Jobst suffered from vascular disease, and his initial line of elastic “stockings” has now evolved into an extensive portfolio of advanced wound care and compression therapy products for the treatment of venous and lymphatic diseases. In 1995, in association with the American Venous Forum, BSN-JOBST initiated the BSN-JOBST Research Fellowship in Venous and Lymphatic Diseases to further Conrad’s legacy of innovation. For almost 20 years, the research developed by grant recipients has helped advance the understanding and treatment of vein diseases. American Venous Forum and BSN medical invite those interested in applying for the 2015 Research Fellowship to submit an application for consideration. To learn more, please visit


The New Online Application is now available!

BSN-JOBST Research Grant

The BSN-JOBST Research Grant provides a $100,000 research grant ($50,000 per year for two years) chosen through a competitive peer review selection process. (Grant Instructions)

Eligibility for the BSN-JOBST Research Grant

  • The BSN-JOBST Research Grant is intended as seed money for research in clinical or basic sciences in the field of venous and lymphatic disorders
  • The award is intended for residents, fellows, and young faculty of less than five years from the end of their vascular training
  • The award is designed to provide a foundation of research to build on future work and grants for mentored and independent research
  • • The awardee is required to attend the 2018 AVF Annual Meeting to receive the award as well as the subsequent Annual Meeting (AVF 2018 Annual Meeting, February 20 – 23, 2018 in Tucson, Arizona; AVF 2019 Annual Meeting) to provide a report on the grant project. This requirement is mandatory
  • All fellows are required to include a letter from the Program Director confirming a two-year commitment and enough time dedicated to research during the Fellow’s training

Application Process

  • Applicants must submit a completed Application via the online application process
  • The research project must include the objectives of the research and the methodology to be employed in the study
  • A layman’s summary of the grant proposal should be included with the Application.
  • The sponsor of the project must be a member of American Venous Forum (AVF) and he/she is required to submit a letter of support and verification of resources available to support the project.  In addition, the candidate must submit their curriculum vitae
  • 2018 Deadline: November 1, 2017 
  • Pending issues with the online application, the research proposal application may be returned to: 

BSN-JOBST Research Grant
American Venous Forum Foundation
2800 W Higgins Rd., Suite 440, Hoffman Estates, IL 60169
Electronic Submission of Proposed Research Project: