New AVF Committees

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee was established in 2013 to oversee compliance with the American Venous Forum and American Venous Forum Foundation policies, Code of Ethics and all Conflict of Interest Disclosure (COI) forms. The committee is made up of two AVF Past Presidents and two Foundation Past Presidents.

Anthony J. Comerota, MD – AVF
Bo G. Eklof, MD – AVF
Michael C. Dalsing, MD – Foundation
Thomas W. Wakefield, MD – Foundation


Newsletter Editorial Committee

The Newsletter Editorial Committee consists of the Editor and Assistant Editor. They oversee the American Venous Forum quarterly newsletter. The committee responsibilities include:

  • Work with AVF staff to create a Newsletter to communicate relevant content to all AVF members
  • Management of topics and features in each issue
  • Solicit submission of articles to the newsletter
  • Work with the AVF staff to ensure that each issue of the Newsletter has enough quality content
  • Review final versions of each Newsletter for clarity, relevance and completeness

Steven Elias, MD – Editor
Windsor Ting, MD – Assistant Editor


Government Relations & Reimbursement Task Force

This task force was established to oversee the American Venous Forum’s health policy activities, including all external communications, federal legislative and regulatory issues affecting venous and lymphatic health.  Responsibilities include:

  • Review and develop the AVF’s position on legislative/regulatory issues that have an impact on venous and lymphatic health.
  • Review third party providers and other medical societies’ communications/guidelines regarding reimbursement issues on venous and lymphatic health care.
  • Develop recommended response to reimbursement issues

Fedor Lurie, MD – Advisor
Harold Welch, MD – Chair
Michael Vasquez, MD


Animal Models Task Force

The Animal Models Task Force is a new project for 2014, spearheaded by Jose Diaz, MD.  There will be an Animal Models in Venous Disease Specialty Symposium at the 2014 Annual Meeting. In addition to the Symposium, there will be a meeting of the representative international leaders in the field.  The goal of this task force is to create documentation to standardize animal models in VT with the following agenda:

  • Evaluate all current animal models
  • Determine the appropriate application of each, thus validating their potential use
  • Document animal models of VT use
  • Form a consulting commission with the power to evaluate new animal models of VT to be considered for application in the field

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