Second Act: Blue News Now


William Carlos Williams was born in 1883 in Rutherford New Jersey. He was a doctor and he was a poet. He was a founder of the Imagist poetry movement:

Complete Destruction

It was an icy day
We buried the cat
then took her box
and set fire to it

in the backyard.
Those fleas that escaped
earth and fire
died by the cold.


Just like a physician, short and to the point.

He began writing poetry at Horace Mann HS in NYC. While getting his MD degree from the University of Pennsylvania, he met Ezra Pound. William’s simultaneous second act (poetry) then grew. It ultimately grew and eclipsed his first act (physician).

We all have a second act lurking within us. Most of us spend our lives in the first act, our chosen path. Even if we have a second act, it usually doesn’t coexist with the first act like William Carlos Williams. You don’t consciously look for a second act, it emerges from within you as you go through life. A second act is not a comeback, it is something completely different and fresh. Going back to doing what you were once doing after a hiatus is a comeback. Michael Jordan going back to basketball after retiring. Brett Farve contemplating playing football again. Comebacks are rarely as good as the first time. They usually end quickly and badly. Ever try and connect with your high school sweetheart? Usually a bad comeback. The second act is fresh, new and exciting. At least in most of Shakespeares plays it is. Read “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” and you’ll understand.

Blue News Now is AVF’s second act newsletter. We will strive for it to be fresh, new and exciting. Blue, because that’s the color of veins in all the pictures we have seen since 5th grade. News, because that’s what we’ll give you. Now, because most of it will be about what is happening in the present. The acronym will be BNN. CNN watch out.

The first issue highlights one of our main goals for BNN: engage newer members and/or future members. There is an excellent and thoughtful article by Steve Abramowitz and Angela Kokkosis about fellows venous training. Something that the AVF’s Fellows Course has been attempting to impact for the last few years. They give us concrete recommendations from the trenches. People living it now. Read this and pay attention to what these young vascular surgeons are asking from those of us involved in venous education. The AVF is the premier national society for vein disease. We need to listen to our future members and act on their behalf.

Most of our members don’t know the name Windsor Ting MD. You will now. He is the Assistant Medical Editor of BNN. He volunteered for the job. He wants to be more involved. He is also a vascular surgeon at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC and has a unique cadre of patients. His article and perspective on treating patients of Asian descent is a good primer for those of us who aren’t always caring for the usual suspects. Unique needs for a unique population.

Second acts require a different point of view. It all depends on how you look at things. There is an exhibit at The Whitney Museum of Art in NYC by T J Wilson entitled “Up In The Air”. Wilson set up multiple cameras in his 33rd floor apartment to record a 360 degree view out of his window over a 24 hour period. The cameras looked straight out and not down to the city streets. So from his point of view of a busy city with 8 million people all he sees are: planes, clouds, sun, moon, stars tops of buildings etc. No people. The city seems quiet and peaceful from his viewpoint. To experience his work of art one stands in the center of a 360 degree screen that projects the images. It is as if you are in his apartment looking out. We hope you enjoy BNN’s different point of view and second act. Even Bob Dylan sings about Blue News Now in his song “Tangled Up In Blue”:


We always did feel the same,
We just started from a different point of view.
Tangled up in blue.


Steve Elias

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