Venous Disease - Not so Black and White

Venous Disease – Not So Black and White

By: Windsor Ting, MD. 
Division of Vascular Surgery, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

The impact of race on disease prevalence, presentation, and treatment has been investigated in many different health conditions but almost none pertains to chronic venous insufficiency (CVI)3,4.  Sam et al reported that Asian men in England were significantly less likely to undergo vein surgery than Caucasians and that this difference was not due to a low disease prevalence5.   This physician who has treated a large number of Asian Americans with vascular disease in New York City over many years observed that while the true prevalence of CVI in Asian Americans is unknown, venous disease appears common in this population and the introduction of endovascular approaches to venous disease has removed many barriers to treatment.   Read More...