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Spring 2014 Fellows Course
May 11-13, 2014
Englewood, NJ

The Vein Forum: Comprehensive Venous Management for the Practicing Clinician
September 5-6, 2014
Boston, MA

AVF Annual Meeting 2015
February 25-28, 2015
Palm Springs, CA

New Members Corner

AVF Welcomed 40 new members in the first quarter of 2014.

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Message from the President

By: Fedor Lurie, AVF President

Dear Colleagues,
The memories of the 2014 annual meeting are still fresh, but the American Venous Forum is already setting up the stage for the next annual meeting.  Read More...

Letter from the Editor - Original or Authentic

By: Steven Elias, MD

Factum Arte is a company that has the ability to authenticate exact copies of original works of art. Identical twins born even thousands of years apart would look alike.  Read More...

IR’s role in the Venous Arena: Past, Present, and the Evolving Training Paradigm

By: Amish Patel, MD and Robert A Lookstein MD FSIR FAHA

When we asked prominent interventional radiologists around the country about their involvement with venous disease, the responses varied, spanning the spectrum from involvement with central venous access to superficial vein care.  Read more...

The Importance of Readability in Medical Literature and My Year Long Journey Immersed in The Scientific Method

By: Kimberly Menezes

The American Venous Forum in New Orleans provided the podium for conveying our message about readability to the medical community. We found that the grade-level of what patients in the United States read on the Internet about varicose veins was greater than that of a freshman in college. In comparison, The New York Times has an 8th grade reading level; Time magazine has a 7th grade reading level; and Readers Digest has a 6th grade reading level.  Read more...

AVF Membership Committee Update

By: Ruth Bush & Brian Santin, Membership Committee

The Membership Committee of the AVF is excited to announce that we have been kept busy already this year following the 2014 Annual Meeting in New Orleans! The outreach and interest at this year’s meeting were unprecedented with a membership booth in the exhibit hall and a breakfast for both prospective new members and those already approved for membership. We accepted 40 new members the first quarter of 2014!   Read More...

2014 Annual Meeting Summary

By: Antonios Gasparis, AVF Program Committee Chair

The 26th Annual Meeting of the American Venous Forum (AVF) took place at The Roosevelt on February 19-21, 2014, in New Orleans, Louisiana.  At the location where the first AVF Annual Meeting took place, a record attendance occurred with over 800 participants.   Read more...

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