Membership Committee Update

Ruth Bush, MD, JD, MPH, Membership Committee Chair
Brian Santin, MD, Membership Committee Member

The Membership Committee of the AVF is excited to announce that we have been kept busy already this year following the 2014 Annual Meeting in New Orleans! The outreach and interest at this year’s meeting were unprecedented with a membership booth in the exhibit hall and a breakfast for both prospective new members and those already approved for membership. We accepted 40 new members in the first quarter of 2014!

Please visit the New Members Corner in this issue of the newsletter to see the new members!

In 2013 we welcomed a total of 90 new members: 

Allied Health Members:  8
Resident Physician Members:  17
Physician Members:  65

The Membership Committee will also be reviewing and formalizing the application review process in the coming months.  This will help to ensure a streamlined, equitable, and consistent evaluation process for new member applicants.  This process is a continuation of the revised new member requirements recently approved by the AVF leadership in New Orleans.  Please click here for more information.  We encourage physicians, allied health professionals, and trainees to apply!!

There are many new initiatives in progress through the Membership Committee. We are currently working on establishing criteria for a designation of Distinguished Fellow Member. This will ensure recognition of member’s service and contributions to the organization and to the field of venous disease. 

This very active and engaged committee also has a primary focus increasing resident and fellow participation rates within the organization.  Current vascular surgery residents and fellows both within the US and abroad are likely to be some of the leaders of this organization in coming years especially as the treatment of venous disease is now in the forefront of many training programs and practices.  By engaging these trainees now, the Membership Committee believes that their interest in venous disease will only flourish and they will be visibly active within the AVF upon completion of their training.  The Committee will be sending a list of possibilities for accomplishing this goal to the AVF Executive Committee.

Again, we encourage new member applications as well as participation and input from our active members. The AVF has many new offerings for our members and is constantly improving member engagement in response to evaluations and requests. It is an exciting time to be a part of the American Venous Forum and to become actively involved!! Welcome Aboard!

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