Instructions for Authors

We welcome contributions from American Venous Forum (AVF) members, researchers or policy makers in clinical practice, academia, industry, and public health, as well as from specialists from other disciplines such as radiology, phlebology or cardiology.  We encourage authors to email us a brief description of their article prior to the full article. We will then let you know our level of interest and timing for the complete article. The nature of this newsletter provides greater flexibility in the publication of exciting information.   

Blue News Now (BNN) is a quarterly newsletter of AVF established primarily to serve as a resource for news from within the AVF and in the field including updates from the various committees, important information about upcoming events, and opportunities to become more involved with AVF.  It will also feature editorials on current venous topics from the editors, outside sources and from AVF members.

Types of Articles

The AVF Newsletter provides information related to venous and lymphatic disease.  Several categories of articles are of interest to the editorial staff:

Feature Articles (1000 to1500 words): Clinical reports, research studies, or literature reviews.

Brief Reports (500-1000 words): Short rapid-fire type reports, either clinical research or opinion.

Ask the Expert (500 words): Brief report providing an answer to a single question on venous or lymphatic disease.

Letters (250 words or less): Article in a letter format that addresses a specific issue of interest or opinion.

News & Notes (50-100 words): Brief announcements of events that are of interest to our readers.

Article Submission

Email submission: We are only accepting digital email submissions.  Please include a cover letter verifying that the article has not been published elsewhere, and that all authors have approved the final article.  Submit all articles as an MS Word document. For graphic files, send graphics in original format or JPEG.  Submit the manuscript and any attachments to the AVF office:

Email Address:


Articles should be submitted as a MS Word document. The text should be in single-column format and double-spaced.

Abbreviations, acronyms and units of measure: Except for units of measurement, we discourage the use of abbreviations and acronyms.

Drug Names: Use generic names of drugs unless the specific brand name is relevant to the discussion.

References: Place reference numbers in superscripts.  Number references in order of appearance within the report.  Include a “References” section at the end of the paper if any references are used within the report.  Use conventional abbreviations for journals.  List the first three authors followed by "et al."

Tables & Figures: The submission of tables and figures are encouraged only if they significantly add to the substance of the article and increase the appeal of the report.  Attach tables and figures at the end of the report – do not incorporate them into the text.

Title Page:  Provide a concise and captivating title for the article.  List authors including the full names, two highest academic degrees and the primary institutional origin of the article.  Designate the corresponding author and provide postal and email addresses, as well as telephone and fax numbers.

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