Letter from the Editor - Original or Authentic

By: Steven Elias, MD

Factum Arte is a company that has the ability to authenticate exact copies of original works of art. Identical twins born even thousands of years apart would look alike.

“At first I could see nothing, the hot air escaping from the chamber causing the candle flame to flicker, but presently, as my eyes grew accustomed to the light, details of the room emerged, strange animals, statues and gold everywhere the glint of gold. ‘Can you see anything?’ someone called out. I could barely get out the words , ‘Yes wonderful things.’” So wrote Howard Carter the British archeologist who discovered the Tomb of Tutankhamum in November 1922. Since then King Tut has become victim of his own success. The original tomb is being ruined by over 1,000 visitors per day.

Enter Factum Arte. They have technology using 3D laser scanners, advanced photographic equipment and computer programs that can produce authentic identical replicas of original works of art be they paintings, statues, sculpture, or the entire original tomb of King Tut. The authentic copy will open next door to the original on April 30th.

Many members of the AVF are true originals. Not that an authentic copy of them has been created by Factum Arte. There is only the original Bo Eklof or Tom O’Donnell. Originals such as them have spawned and inspired authentic “copies” of many younger vein specialists. We don’t need 3D laser scanners or high speed digital photography for this. We need continued communication with all of our members especially the newer younger ones. Blue News Now is part of that ongoing communication.

The monthly youth shines again just as the boy King Tut continues to. We have an article written by the Mount Sinai IR fellow Amish Patel with his original Robert Lookstein. The article discusses venous training of interventional radiology fellows; current status and future plans. More and more IR’s are joining AVF. The second article written by someone younger than King Tut was when he died is by Kimberly Menezes. Some of you remember her presentation at our annual meeting in New Orleans. There is a lot to learn in this study of social media. We continue to learn from youth.

Of course we have the usual suspects; updates and highlights of the annual meeting, membership committee, and message from our president, Fedor Lurie, who is both original and authentic at the same time. The daily visitors over the past almost 100 years have slowly eaten away at the original, so an authentic replica will now exist. As Factum Arte director Adam Lowe states, “We have to understand that these are things that were built to last for eternity, but never meant to be visited,” Mass tourism may be adversely affecting great historic sites and ancient works of art but we at Blue News Now encourage multiple visits by all of our members. To that end we are taking the opposite tactic of the Egyptian government. We are making access easier to all members and even non-members to Blue News. You will not need to login, you merely need to open the site and there it will be.

Not quite the awe inspiring view Howard Carter had of King Tutankhamum’s tomb but hopefully a little more relevant to those treating venous disease.

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