Message from the President

By: Fedor Lurie, AVF President

Dear Colleagues,

The memories of the 2014 annual meeting are still fresh, but the American Venous Forum is already setting up the stage for the next annual meeting.  The Program Committee reviewed and discussed the recommendations from the members and guests who attended the meeting.  A number of good suggestions are under consideration, including videotaping some sessions and developing a meeting app for mobile devices. Our executive team is developing a plan to address these suggestions, and together with the Program Committee started preparations for the 27th Annual Meeting.

The Fellows Course committee put together the Spring 2014 Fellows Course with eight workshops. It will be held at Englewood Hospital in Englewood, New Jersey on May 11-13, and is expected to be well attended. The Fall 2014 Fellows Course is scheduled for December 5-7 in Houston, Texas.  The Fellows Committee is working through the details.

The Vein Forum Committee is working on the next course “Comprehensive Venous Management for the Practicing Clinician.” It will be held at the Hyatt Boston Harbor in Boston, Massachusetts on September 5-6.

Our new educational initiative is the West Coast Vein Forum.  Staff is working with the Committee on planning this meeting in 2015.

The Research Council continues working on the expansion and improvement of our Grant programs. The research committee has piloted a review of proposed quality measures, and may continue this process in the future.  The Animal Models Task Force, after having a great start last year is back to the drawing board designing a future consensus process.  

The Government Relationships and Reimbursement Task Force has received an increasing number of requests to respond to changes in reimbursement policies. Working in close collaboration with other societies, this committee is making substantial progress in addressing these issues.

Such a high level of activity requires many hours of work, and the Forum is blessed with a substantial number of volunteers, who make possible pursuing our mission to advance venous and lymphatic health.

I encourage all AVF members to become more involved with the Forum.  Contributing your time, energy, expertise, and intellectual efforts is a big investment, but the return on this investment is great. There are opportunities for a broad spectrum of interests, from research and education to issues related to practice and reimbursement, to development of the Forum itself.  You may join a committee, or start a new initiative. Talk with committee chairs and the Board of Directors, learn about existing projects and tell us what you would like to do. We are an inclusive group, and always looking for new active members.

Fedor Lurie, MD
AVF President

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