Original Sin

By: Steven Elias, MD - AVF Newsletter Editor

Bouillon Chartier, lunch, red wine and a series of unfortunate events. Family French comfort food circa 1960’s. The bouillons were the French proletariat’s version of a US diner. Large food halls with good, not great, food at a fair price. The type of place you go to when you want a solid, basic meal and you don’t want to cook or get dressed up. Bouillon Chartier is one of the last of its kind. Sort of like Tom O’Donnell or Bo Eklof. Locals go, tourists go. My son and I went. Living in New York City I can have an upscale French meal anytime. When traveling I want indigenous. For the food, the experience, the people. The Snapple Fact inside its twist off top says, “There are more French restaurants in New York City than Paris.” True? Maybe, but who is going to question the Snapple Lady?

“Inside Llewyn Davis”, a movie by the Coen Brothers about the music scene in Greenwich Village in the 1960’s. A series of random events changes someone’s life. A cat running out of an apartment turns out to be the life changing experience for Llewyn Davis, the Original Sin. Inside Bouillon Chartier, had a temporary similar life experience for my son and me, the Original Sin. In surgery, original sin is the misadventure that occurs that sends you down the path of doubt and disaster. The operation goes downhill quickly from that moment on. Trying to get control of the aortic neck during an open aneurysm repair and you make a small tear in an unrecognized retroaortic renal vein. All of a sudden this turns into a trauma procedure and you are taking care of your original sin. Not good, not fun.

Inside Blue News Now, AVF’s version of providing news and views about any number of potential professional life changing events. We’re not trying for Original Sin, we’re trying to prevent it. Something will hopefully happen when one article sparks some idea in our members or potential members. Kathy Gibson, the new chair of the Fellows Committee and Fellows Course, shares our philosophy in educating and hopefully changing the professional lives of vascular fellows, IR fellows, and interventional radiology fellows. What is the Fellows Course, what does it do and how does it impact AVF is discussed. She is doing a great job elevating the Fellows Course from its humble start to now. Inside Cook Medical, Diana Wu (Dr. Wu to me) and her group at Cook Medical gives us some insight into how industry introduces new products into the marketplace. Tom O’Donnell has been a mentor of mine since the mid 1990’s when we met teaching SEPS for US Surgical. He has been what the cat was for Llewyn Davis. His article highlighting the very hard work he and other members of AVF have done regarding VLU (venous leg ulcer) Guidelines can be a life changing experience for some of our patients. Read this and read the guidelines. A new section: Case Reports gets practical. Windsor Ting and John Blebea have chosen two that they feel are instructive. We ask other members to do the same and submit interesting cases so our members can learn. There are other articles as well. Read them, enjoy them. See which ones speak to you and affect you. Hopefully in a better way than the red wine did to my son and me at the Bouillon Chartier.

It wasn’t intentional, just random. My son spilled his glass of red wine on his shirt and pants, Original Sin. A dry cleaners nightmare. Ever walk into the cleaners with a red wine stain on an article of clothing? This evokes the universal cleaners head shake and facial expression that says, “This stain ain’t going away. Kiss this shirt good bye.” They must teach this in Cleaners School. The wine was now on his shirt and pants. The French couple next to us, I mean really next to us like sitting at the same table immediately started pouring sparkling water and salt on my son’s shirt and pants. My son, Sam, took everything out of his pants pockets including his 3 Day Metropass. Big mistake, never saw that pass again. Left it on the table. After paying the bill, $38 for a lot of food and wine, we searched for some cheap T shirt for him to wear. Found one, $10. His shirt? Ruined, cost $38. Replacement for the 3 day Metropass, $38. You add it up: Meal $38. Additional items: Metropass $38, New shirt $10, Original shirt $38. Cost of Original Sin $184. Cost of the original, Original Sin for Adam and Eve? Had to leave the garden, had to go to work, had to put on clothes and screwed it up for the rest of us. Beware of the Original Sin. 

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