American Venous Forum Announces its Newest Educational Program

West Coast Vein Forum: Advancing the Treatment of Venous Disease — Addressing Challenges and Controversies in Vein Treatment

By: Dan Monahan, MD – West Coast Vein Forum Course Chair

The American Venous Forum (AVF) considers education to be one of the most essential missions. Long-running AVF programs such as the Annual Meeting, Vein Forum: Comprehensive Venous Management for the Practicing Clinician, and biannual Fellows Courses in Venous Disease will be supplemented by the newest addition: the West Coast Vein Forum: Advancing the Treatment of Venous Disease — Addressing Challenges and Controversies in Vein Treatment. The course will be held at the Westin Verasa Napa in Napa, California on April 30-May 2, 2015.

The West Coast Vein Forum was created as a unique educational opportunity in the western states for those with experience in treating venous disease. The program will be ideal for those practitioners who include treatment of venous disease within a broader subspecialty practice. One of the goals of the conference is to help these practitioners see themselves as part of a larger community of vein experts in their region. Advancing education is an important component of pursuing that goal. In addition, the opportunity to interact with other practitioners, as well as recognized experts, also helps to create that community.

Rather than a comprehensive overview, the curriculum will focus on a variety of topics involving challenges and controversies that face the practicing vein specialist. Each session will begin with an expert providing an overview on controversial or challenging issues in venous treatment, followed by extended time of panel discussion and audience participation. In succeeding years other topics will be introduced, thus making this an annual opportunity for western states’ practitioners to stay abreast of current issues and state of the art practice in venous disease.

In addition, there will be special lectures by leaders in the field to give larger perspectives on venous care. Dr. Nick Morrison will provide an update on the state of tumescentless ablation procedures. Dr. Robert L. Kistner will provide insights into the relationship of venous insufficiency and the development of chronic venous stasis. Terri Morrison will also provide a session on practice development and management strategies for those desiring to build a dynamic practice around treating venous disease. In this regard, attendees will have the opportunity to interact with and obtain practical advice from those on the faculty who practice out of their own private vein clinics. 

Demonstration sessions will be provided on ultrasound imaging and the use of proper bandaging and compression for the venous expert. Dr.  Fedor Lurie, AVF President, will co-facilitate a live ultrasound demonstration session. Dr. Morrison and his wife, Terri Morrison, will preside over a demonstration of state of the art knowledge and techniques in compression bandaging.  This will be especially useful for physicians who manage venous ulcer care.

The West Coast Vein Forum will provide clinicians with:

  • A unique educational opportunity beyond a basic introduction to venous disease
  • State-of-the-art lectures by leaders in venous disease
  • Proper ultrasound assessment of the patient with venous disease
  • Effective methods to manage ablations in difficult situations
  • The appropriate timing and use of phlebectomy and sclerotherapy
  • Discussions on appropriate performance of cosmetic procedures
  • Issues in managing deep and superficial phlebitis
  • Understanding of how to manage varicose veins in pregnancy
  • Knowledge in managing venous ulcers
  • How to recognize and treat pelvic venous disorders
  • Tools to manage lymphedema
  • How to diagnose and treat venous malformations
  • Practice management solutions

The timing and venue of the program is ideal for the busy clinician. Held in the Napa Valley, there will also be opportunity for an extended stay to enjoy world famous wine country and other northern California sites. Each evening receptions will be held with opportunities to talk informally with our expert faculty and other attendees. The venous practitioner will return home with expanded knowledge and strategies for treating patients with venous disease.

The West Coast Vein Forum is structured for all practitioners who include venous therapies in their practice. Click here to register online! CME credit and Self-Assessment Credit will be available for this activity.

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