AVF Resident/Fellow Membership Benefit

By Brian Santin, MD, RPVI - Membership Committee Chair Elect

The American Venous Forum Membership Committee has been hard at work developing initiatives to attract more residents and fellows-in-training to join the AVF.  We can all appreciate the numerous benefits the AVF brings to not only physicians and allied health professionals who treat venous and lymphatic disease, but the AVF Membership Committee wants to focus on those who are 'younger' in their careers to help with their learning and skill sets in treating this sometimes complex issues. 

In an effort to be more focused with residents and fellows, we have developed a strategy to communicate more effectively given their unique 'annual timeline', ie the residency and fellowship year begins July 1 and ends June 30.  Often when residents or fellows transition to a new program or graduate from their training institution, their home address and/or email address changes.  Therefore we plan to send electronic and paper communications within the next month to each vascular surgery resident/fellow within the US.  Our hope is that by contacting the residents/fellows prior to a potential move/address change, we can better manage our contact information with each individual.  Our hope is that by maintaining a more active dialogue with the AVF's 'younger' members, we will be more effective in keeping them abreast of educational opportunities throughout their career and the overwhelming benefits of sustained membership.

In addition to more effective communication with residents and fellows, the AVF Membership Committee has proposed a tiered membership dues structure for those individuals who have recently completed their training.  Having been fellows and subsequent junior faculty/new partners, we can all appreciate the significant (and sometimes daunting!) costs associated with maintaining membership in numerous organizations once we are no longer 'trainees'.  Therefore the AVF Membership Committee would like to offer one year of reduced membership dues for the first year after they complete their training and progress into Physician Membership status.  As our younger members become more involved with and able to appreciate the full benefits of membership within the AVF during the first few years, we believe this will promote a long term commitment to each individual in supporting the AVF for their entire career.

AVF also offers one year of free membership to all Fellow and Resident attendees of the AVF Fellows Course in Venous Disease, hosted twice per year. The AVF Membership Committee continues to review membership applications on a monthly basis and is excited to see an increasing number of resident/fellow physicians applying!  


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