AVF Upcoming Events

Each year the American Venous Forum hosts educational programs for medical professionals across the United States in hopes of improving the overall care of patients with venous and lymphatic disease. Whether you are a physician, nurse, technician or fellow, the AVF has a program that is designed just for you. 

The Vein Forum

The 2015 Vein Forum Program occurring October 16-17, 2015 in the historic US Capital of Washington DC features dual track workshops to tailor each participant’s learning experience. The program will include basic and advanced tracks, with hands-on workshops in each track.

The BASIC primer track is designed for those new to the field. Sessions in the basic track will include a comprehensive coverage of basic venous techniques, as well as practice management sessions, financial implications, IAC Accreditation requirements and more.

The ADVANCED sessions contain more hands-on and case-based learning, which will cover the more advanced techniques in treating venous disease. The advanced track features a ‘meet the experts’ interactive session, tough cases, management of complications, and will cover IVC filters, venous stenting, thrombolysis, pelvic congestion and other more advanced topics.

CME Credits including Self-Assessment Credits will be provided for this course. All clinicians, including but not limited to physicians, nurses and technicians, who practice in the fields of vascular surgery, interventional radiology, phlebology, interventional cardiology and hematology are invited to attend the interactive Vein Forum.

Register here for The Vein Forum.

Fellows Course in Venous Disease

The last AVF Program of the 2015 year is the bi-annual Fellows Course in Venous Disease. Thanks to our supporters, this program is free to fellows through a grant program, which provides reimbursement for their travel, hotel stay and meals. The fall course will take place in the coastal seaport city of Seattle, Washington from December 4-6, 2015. The goal of the course is to educate and update the fellows regarding the latest theories and developments in the clinical practice of vein disease management. Fellows will gain an overall understanding of vein disease to allow them to successfully incorporate venous knowledge, skills and techniques into their overall practice as they make the transition from training to the clinical practice. All fellows in the specialties of vascular surgery, interventional radiology, vascular medicine, and associated programs are welcome to attend. Space is limited, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to expand your horizons in the venous world, and attend the AVF Fellows Course this fall!

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West Coast Vein Forum

The American Venous Forum will once again host the West Coast Vein Forum on September 8-10, 2016.  The West Coast Vein Forum was created as a unique educational opportunity in the western states for those with experience in treating venous disease. Rather than a comprehensive overview, the curriculum will focus on a variety of topics involving challenges and controversies that face the practicing vein specialist. Each session will include experts providing brief lectures on topics in venous treatment followed by extended time of panel discussion and audience participation. In succeeding years other topics will be introduced, thus making this an annual educational opportunity for western states’ practitioners to stay abreast of current issues and state of the art practice in venous disease.

This year’s meeting, held in Napa, California, featured some of the most respected leaders in venous disease, including Dr. Robert L. Kistner, Dr. Nick Morrison, along with his wife, Terri, Dr. Mark Meissner, Dr. Fedor Lurie, Dr. Bill Marston, and Dr. Kathy Gibson.  Next year’s meeting will have even more speakers of national and international repute.  The meeting discussions proved to educational and enjoyable as our faculty and audience interacted freely on various subjects.  The time proved to be appreciated by very experienced venous experts, as well as those will less extensive experience.

Next year the West Coast Vein Forum will be held in Monterey, California at The Plaza Hotel on famous Cannery Row.  You won’t want to miss this meeting, and your family will want to come, too.  

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