Letter From the Editor

Letter from the Editor: Surrealistic Pillow

By: Steve Elias, MD - AVF Newsletter Editor

Airports give you a sense of suspended animation. Time passes slowly or time is a jet plane, it moves too fast. Either way there is a sense of reality, airports offer an oasis in our lives. They are a homogenistic soup of people and plans. No matter what reality you live in, airports and air travel can warp time and space. You are at the mercy of the wind, rain, snow, and mechanical failure etc. For these of us who work hard to control the most minute variable in our lives, air travel is the equalizer. Like God and religion we have no real say; you either believe, accept and acquiesce or you fight futiley for command and control. The latter is worthless. Sun Tzu in the “Art of War” suggests never to start a battle you cannot win. Air travel is that metaphorical battle. If your flight is delayed, suck it up, acquiesce, and enjoy. Read More...