What Would You Do?

Dr. Windsor Ting, MD - AVF Newsletter Assistant Editor

Share your techniques - how would you treat this?

Medicine is described as being both science and art. Injecting spider veins is an excellent example of this. There are a thousand variations in the scleratherapy of spider veins.  While many may share similar outcomes but I suspect some have better outcomes than others. Tell us how you inject spider veins. We will publish selected responses in a future issue of Blue News Now.

39 y/o woman with spider veins on her left thigh as shown.

  • What technique do you use to sclerose this?
  • What needle and syringe do you use?
  • What sclerosant, concentration and quantity?
  • What dressing do you use?
  • What postop instructions do you give to the patient.

Please submit your response to info@veinforum.org and your response may be published ni the next issue of Blue News Now!

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