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Blue News Now, the official newsletter of the American Venous Forum (AVF) welcomes contributions from AVF members, researchers or policy makers in clinical practice, academia, industry, and public health, as well as from specialists from other disciplines such as radiology, phlebology or cardiology.

The AVF Newsletter provides information related to venous and lymphatic disease. Several categories of articles are of interest to the editorial staff:

  • Feature Articles (1000 to 1500 words): Clinical reports, research studies, or literature reviews.
  • Case Reports (500-1000 words): A case with a newly recognized or rarely reported clinical scenario or just an interesting case related to venous disease. A case report should include the following: (1) a brief narrative abstract; (2) an introduction to the topic (prevalence, implications, differential diagnoses); (3) a description of the patient's presentation, medical history, treatments, and outcomes; and (4) a conclusion.
  • Brief Reports (500-1000 words): Short rapid-fire type reports, either clinical research or opinion.
  • Ask the Expert (500 words): Brief report providing an answer to a single question on venous or lymphatic disease.
  • Letters (250 words or less): Article in a letter format that addresses a specific issue of interest or opinion.
  • News & Notes (50-100 words): Brief announcements of events that are of interest to our readers.

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  • January Issue: content due by December 15
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