AVF Initiatives

Chronic venous disease is a lifelong progressive degenerative process. There is a lack of awareness about its recognition, diagnosis, treatment and prevention at all levels of the healthcare system. Since it began in 1988, the American Venous Forum had come with several initiatives essential for venous diseases understanding and management.

The American Venous Forum is:

  • The first to create a comprehensive classification system for chronic venous disease (CEAP) and the subsequent Venous Severity Scoring System - used as a worldwide standard in scientific papers
  • The first to launch an online venous registry in the United States

The AVF continues to lead by:

  • Improving public awareness of venous diseases
  • Promoting research in venous and lymphatic disorders
  • Publishing evidence-based practice guidelines
  • Establishing cross-specialty collaborations
  • Issuing a call to action to reduce venous ulcers 50% in ten years