VQI® Varicose Vein Registry™

VQI® Varicose Vein Registry™

The Society for Vascular Surgery Patient Safety Organization (SVS PSO) in collaboration with the American Venous Forum (AVF) has developed the Varicose Vein Registry (VVR), as part of the Vascular Quality Initiative ® (www.vascularqualityinitiative.org)

The VVR captures all procedures that are performed in vein centers, office-based practices, and ambulatory or inpatient settings on the M2S PATHWAYS clinical data platform, including:

  • Thermal Radiofrequency Ablation
  • Thermal Laser Ablation
  • Mechanochemical Ablation
  • Chemical Ablation
  • Embolic Adhesive Ablation
  • Surgical Ablation, including high ligation, stripping, and phlebectomy

The VVR data collected includes patient demographic, history, and procedure data plus early and late office-based and patient- reported follow-up.

Benefits of VQI VVR Participation

  • Drive improvement in clinical outcomes
  • Reduce the cost of care in hospitals, outpatient facilities and vein clinics
  • Compare efficacy of ablation therapies
  • Develop and share best practice
  • Leverage quality research through the SVS PSO

Key Features for Understanding VQI VVR Outcomes

The VQI VVR is a web-based data registry with real-time reporting and analytics which helps members to:

  • Benchmark your patients, processes of care and procedure outcomes anonymously with others in VQI
  • Incorporate the CEAP and VCSS classification system
  • Rapidly report specific details of all types of ablation procedures, including device details, including center- and physician-level variance reporting
  • Incorporate patient-reported and office based follow-up to assess both early and late results
  • Reduce cost and improve outcomes by developing best practices

VQI is organized as a Patient Safety Organization (PSO), which provides protection against discovery of comparative data in legal proceedings, so that providers can submit outcome data without fear of reprisal.  Data are only used for quality improvement and cannot be publically reported.

VQI also uses claims data from members to insure that all procedures are submitted, to avoid the selective reporting that diminishes the value of many registries.  In addition, the VQI has certified several EMR vendors to provide a data integration service.to assist members with the associated registry data entry.

To schedule an interactive demo or for more information, please email VQI@m2s.com