Introducing the Varicose Vein Registry™

The American Venous Forum and the Society for Vascular Surgery have developed the VQI® Varicose Vein Registry to collect in-depth data, using the M2S PATHWAYS data and analytics platform.
Launching in December 2014, the Varicose Vein Registry will allow you to:

  • Analyze detailed procedural and follow-up data
  • Benchmark your outcomes regionally and nationally for continuous improvement
  • Reduce cost and improve outcomes by developing best practices
  • Help meet IAC certification requirements for Vein Centers

Click here to download our Varicose Vein Registry Fact Sheet

We’re collecting data on the following ablation treatments:

  • Thermal RF
  • Thermal Laser
  • Mechanochemical
  • Chemical
  • Embolic Adhesive
  • Surgical

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