Chapter 13: Compression Therapy for Venous Disorders and Venous Ulceration

Original authors:  Gregory L. Moneta and Hugo Partsch

Abstracted by Teresa L. Carman


  • Introduction
  • Physiology
  • Diagnosis
  • Forms of compression
  • Conclusions
  • Commonly asked questions
    • Compression stockings are hard to get on. Do I have to wear them every day?
    • How can I make the compression stockings easier to put on?
    • Which stocking is the best?


The abnormal backward flow of blood in the leg veins or blockages to the blood getting out of the leg can lead to problem including swelling, skin changes and even ulcers. Once the diagnosis is made, placing compression from the outside of the leg can correct many of the underlying problems such that the symptoms get better.  Compression therapy comes in many forms and some devices are better for healing ulcers (open skin lesions) and other for maintaining a steady state within the leg.

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