Chapter 18: Iliac and Vena Cava Obstructive Venous Disease Therapy

Original author: Peter Neglén

Abstracted by Gary W. Lemmon


  • Diagnosis
  • Therapy
  • Conclusions
  • Commonly asked questions
    • Will treating iliac vein narrowing I have heal my leg ulcer?
    • What are the stents made of and can I feel them?


Iliac vein or vena cava vein blockage or narrowing prevents blood flow from getting out of the leg(s) since these are the major exit sites for this blood to get back to the heart.  Removing blockages from these veins is possible with techniques that allow one to place a dilating balloon and stent (metallic support device) inside the narrowed vein. In the rare case that this is not successful, there are surgical procedures which can help.

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