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Lower Limb Venous Health in Everyday Life

Pregnancy and Varicose Veins:
Management of the Risk Factors
Jennifer Heller MD
Johns Hopkins Vein Centers

The Physics of Venous Drainage
Sergio Gianesini MD
University of Ferrara

Air Travel Blood Clots:
Coach Class Thrombosis
Elna Masuda MD

Varicose Veins

Asymptomatic Varicose Veins: What to do
Lowell Kabnick
2016 AVF President, New York University

Spider Veins
Jose Almeida MD
University of Miami School of Medicine

Venous Insufficiency Signs and Symptoms
Kellie Brown MD
The Medical College of Wisconsin

Varicose Veins: Signs and Symptoms
Julianne Stoughton MD
Harvard Medical School

Varicose Veins: Options for Treatment
Muzzamal Habib
Boston Vein Center

Drugs for Varicose Veins:
Evidences About Their Efficacy
Ruth Bush
Texas A&M Health Science Center
College of Medicine

Compression Hosiery

Compression Stockings: When and How
Harry Ma MD PhD
University of Oklahoma

Compression Stockings:
Tips and Tricks for Enjoying Them
Joseph Caprini MD

Venous Thrombosis

Superficial Thrombophlebitis:
A Well-Defined Condition
Frank Padberg MD
New Jersey Medical School

Superficial Thrombophlebitis:
Correct Diagnosis and Management
Harold Welch MD

Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT):
What it is, What it Does and What to Do
Marc Passman MD
University of Alabama at Birmingham

DeepVein Thrombosis (DVT):
An Insight of Its Management
Rabin Chaer MD
University of Pittsburg Medical Center

Deep Vein Thrombosis
and its Long Term Effects
Brajesh Lal MD
University of Maryland

Pulmonary Embolism & Anticoagulation

Pulmonary Embolism:
When Venous Disease Can Become
a Life-Threatening Condition
Deepak Sudheendra MD
University of Pennsvlvania

Pulmonary Embolism:
What it is, What it does and What to do
Cassius Ochoa Chaar
Yale University

Venous Thromboembolism:
Innovations in Anticoagulation
Peter Henke MD
University of Michigan

Lower Limb Swelling

Leg Swelling and Edema:
What it is, What it Does, What to do
John Blebea MD
University of Oklahoma

Suggestions From the Expert
Armen Roupenian MD
Alaska Center for venous and lymphatic medicine Alaska Regional Hospital

Pelvic Chronic Venous Disease

Pelvic Venous Disorders:
The Role of the Vein Specialist
Mark Meissner MD
University of Washington School of Medicine

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